We are proud to present the first real-time monitoring solution for low concentrations of organic AMC (VOC) for the semiconductor industry.

The Challenge

  • Real-time Monitoring of Organic AMC for the verification of on-spec production conditions
  • Fast on-line detection of Organic AMC spills and excursions with automated alert messaging

The Technology

  • Soft Chemical Ionization by Proton Transfer
  • Sensitive quantification of VOCs
  • On-line detection capability below 1 ppbv
  • Response time below 100 ms

The Benefits

  • Simultaneous quantification of different organic AMC in real-time
  • Configuration to new AMC sets by software upload
  • Data transmission to Data server enabled by full LAN-capability


AMC-Monitor C-1000

  • Multi-Component Capability

  • Parallel Monitoring Capability

  • Fast Spill Detection

  • Multi-Line Capability

  • Networking Capability

  • Data Processing Packages


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